Here They Are! Look Around!

Over the past few years sweepstakes games have been growing in popularity as a marketing and sales tool. You probably come across them every day and don't even notice, because they have become so common to see. Big companies know that promoting themselves with a sweepstakes contest will probably help them sell more product, and they have been adding sweepstakes programs regularly to better place their products against the competition. Scratch-offs from the grocery store for going through the check out are just one example of sweepstakes designed to steer customers to a specific location. McDonald's Monopoly game is also another great example. While these examples may not cause you to change where you buy a burger or a gallon of milk, there are people who will make choices to shop one place or another because of the sweepstakes contests promoting those products or services.

So What are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are contests designed to get people to buy products. From fast food to soft drinks, sweepstakes encourage people to buy one product over another because of the chance of winning something. Typically individuals receive a free entry into a contest when they purchase a promoted product. And while some sweepstakes are complicated and require multiple winning combinations to obtain the grand prize (think McDonald's Monopoly contest), others are as simple as scratch-and-win games you receive at the grocery store. Long story short, a sweepstakes is designed to encourage people to purchase a product that they would not be likely to purchase otherwise.

The Potential to Win

We all know what the odds are in any contest. Whether it's the one-in-a-million, one -thousand-dollar prize in the state lottery, or the chance of winning a Corvette under a Pepsi bottle lid, we're still driven to play. Millions of Americans play the state lotteries every week, and millions enter into contests like the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. Everyone knows that they have just a miniscule chance of winning, but does that stop them from entering the contests? Not at all! We know that the odds are against us in so many contests, yet we enter into them anyway. So why do we do it? The truth is that it's human nature to think we can beat the odds. Someone has to win, and it could just as easily be you or me as the next guy. And the thrill or chance of winning can be just as exciting as winning itself. This tendency of human nature to dismiss the odds means that people will keep on playing time after time regardless of their chances of winning.

What is Sweepstakes University?

Sweepstakes University is a business established in order to provide individuals and business owners with the ability to set up their own sweepstakes contests and sweepstakes internet cafes. By bringing the individual business owner up to speed on the latest software and hardware available in the sweepstakes industry, and providing consulting on setting up a sweepstakes business, it is Sweepstakes U's intention to expand the industry and create a knowledgeable consumer base for its equipment and services.